A view of the blue trail.

Malcolm Knapp Research Forest is open to the public from dawn till dusk, every day of the year. However, during fire season (April 1 – September 30), if the fire hazard is extreme, the forest may be closed to the general public. Please check our main page to find out whether the forest is open or closed to public access.

The forest is open to the public for walking or hiking on our trail system. The forest does not allow any biking, motorized vehicles or animals. Please see our FAQ page for more information.

All of our trails are maintained with the help of community volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering to help keep our trails safe and enjoyable for the public, please click here.


Forest Guidelines

  • Please stay on the trails! Traveling off the trails can disturb study sites and disrupt years of research.
  • Dogs, horses and bicycles are not permitted.
  • Smoking, alcohol and other drug use is not permitted.
  • Campfires and other fires are prohibited.
  • Overnight camping is not permitted.
  • Unauthorized vehicles on forest road and the trails is prohibited.
  • Do not construct, maintain or alter trails without the permission of the Research Forest.
  • Removal of plants and other forest products (ie: mushrooms) is strictly prohibited.

Guidelines are for the safety of all visitors, research forest staff and researchers, along with the protection of the many research projects within the forest. Check out of FAQ page for more information.