Basic accommodation is available for all interns at both Research Forests.

At the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, the Marc House is available to all of our student interns. The Marc House was named after the original owner who build the house in 1910 and has two bedrooms, a kitchen, laundry room, two bathrooms, electricity and internet. The two bedrooms are dormitory style rooms, with two sets of bunk beds in one room, and one set of bunk beds in the other. The kitchen is fully stocked with dishes and utensils, but interns provide their own food and additional requirements such as dish soap and laundry soap. Although at times interns may be alone in this house, they should generally expect to share this accommodation with our summer field staff. At any one time, up to 7 people can stay in the Marc House. The Marc House is located approximately 5 minutes from the main office.

The Alex Fraser Research Forest offers accommodation in our researcher cabin at the Gavin Lake Forest Education Society Camp approximately 1 hour’s drive away from the Research Forest office in William’s Lake. This facility has electricity, two bedrooms with three beds each, a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities and is situated in the wilderness setting of the Gavin Lake Block of the forest. It even has internet service (it’s satellite Internet without enough band-width for video streaming, but occasional Skype use is possible). The kitchen is fully stocked with dishes, cooking appliances and utensils, but interns provide their own food. Although at times interns may be alone in this cabin, they should expect to share it and its facilities with visiting researchers as they come and go throughout the field season. The Gavin Lake Camp overlooks its namesake lake, and is frequently booked by school and family groups. Canoes at camp are available for student use, and numerous hiking and biking trails are nearby.