Malcolm Knapp Research Forest maintains an extensive GIS database, available for students, researchers and faculty members. The database was initiated in 1989 and contains up-to-date spatial and non-spatial information in a variety of formats. Some of the feature classes included in the database are listed below:

  • MKRF boundary
  • Woodot boundary
  • Contour lines – 5 m interval
  • Roads
  • Streams
  • Lakes
  • Hydroline
  • Recreational trails
  • Biogeoclimatic maps
  • Forest cover
  • Up-to-date harvesting
  • Research project locations
  • Research installation locations
  • Forest development plan
  • Color orthophoto – 25 cm resolution (2010)
  • Planting and silviculture information

The GIS database implementation uses a multi-user model based on ESRI‘s ArcSDE software, which is used to serve data stored in a high performance relational database management system (Oracle 11g).

ArcSDE is an advanced spatial data access server, providing a gateway for storing, managing, and using spatial data in a DBMS for multiple client applications (e.g., ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server, or ArcGIS Desktop).

For more information on Malcolm Knapp Research Forest’s GIS system, to get access to the Web-based Mapping System or to request GIS data, please contact Ionut Aron, Geospatial Database Manager at