Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are dogs allowed in MKRF?
A: Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted anywhere within MKRF boundaries.  Many of the research projects within the forest are sensitive to dog scent, so for the protection of those projects we cannot admit any dogs, even dogs that are leashed.

2. Is the public allowed to drive through the front gate and into the forest?
A: No. Forest roads are only for staff, operational vehicles, and Loon Lake guests.  Visitors to the forest must leave their car in the parking lot and proceed on foot.

3. Are bicycles allowed in the forest?
A: Bicycles are not permitted.

4. Can I go to Loon Lake?
A: Loon Lake is closed to the general public, and only accessible to groups who have booked retreats. Visit https://loonlake.ubc.ca for more information on booking.

5. Can I go fishing at any of  the lakes?
A: Fishing is not permitted in any of our lakes. This is due to their ongoing involvement in many research projects.

6. Can I go to the waterfalls?
A: Access to the waterfalls is prohibited as they are too dangerous and pose a risk to public safety.

7. What kind of research projects are in the forest?
A: There are a wide variety of projects throughout the forest, many long term in nature. Fields of research include forest management, ecology, biology, climatology, astronomy, hydrology and genetics. Click here for more information research projects at MKRF.

8. Are trail maps available in the office?
A: Yes!  If you visit the forest during our regular office hours (Monday – Friday, 8am-4pm) please feel free to pick up one of our maps from right inside the office doors.