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Speciality products cut at the mill

Speciality products cut at the mill

Whatever your need for hand crafted unique wood products, Gallant Enterprises can supply it. Curved bartops and table tops, custom store fixtures, as well as accent pieces for archways and gates are all in our resume. We carry a limited number of curved and character logs in our inventory so that often we can supply […]

Logging truck loading


Logging truck being loaded in a landing on road G.

Kiddies Corner Field Trip

Kiddies Korner

Kindergarden kids from Kiddies Korner in Maple Ridge on a tour of the red trail at Malcolm Knapp Research Forest.

Researcher doing windthrow research


Ken Byrne of UBC Forest Sciences conducting windthrow research at Malcolm Knapp Research Forest.

Students at Field School


Students at Spring Field School

Golden Ears and Gwendoline Lake

Gwendoline Lake

View of Gwendoline Lake and Golden Ears Montains from Malcolm Knapp Research Forest.