Researchers and Visitors – Important Safety Notice & Road Updates

March 18, 2019

WINTER DRIVING – SNOW & ICE HAZARDS. Winter tires required. In addition, chains or 4WD may be required for driving safely. The north half of the MKRF remains under a snowpack. Visibility may be poor due to rain and fog. BE PREPARED FOR RAPIDLY CHANGING CONDITIONS.  Watch for hikers and school children on roads and SLOW DOWN. Drive with caution and obey the speed limit (30 Km/H) at all times.


Logging crews and equipment may be working on Rd. L/L40, F70 and A42. Road maintenance (ditching, surfacing, culverts, mowing, grading, tree removal) is underway throughout the MKRF. Road construction may be active at Rd. K80. Obey all signs and watch for flag persons. Do not enter active work zones or pass equipment working, unless you receive clearance from the operator.


Logging trucks, lowbeds or gravel trucks may be hauling. Radio (available from MKRF office) must be used to call kilometers both “up” and “down” if travelling active haul roads.  Logging trucks, lowbeds and other heavy vehicles always have the right-of-way – you are required to pull over in a safe location to let them pass, well before they reach you.


Increased hazard from unstable trees throughout MKRF, due to major wind storms (Dec. 20th & Feb. 9th).  Assessment and clearing are ongoing.  Watch for and avoid hangups / unstable trees while driving, parking and in work sites.  Call MKRF staff for danger tree removal.


Before heading out, please see an MKRF staff member for the latest updates and sign out a radio if needed.