Logging and Road Updates

Researchers and contractors, please check and sign in at the MKRF front gate office before entering each day for further updates.

Road Closure: Please be advised that K road is closed at 7.5 kilometer until sometime in January.  Access to the north end of the forest is still open via F and H road which remain snow free so far.   That could change any time.

B road is closed at 6 kilometer  until mid-January.

Logging trucks are hauling.  Radio (available from MKRF office) must be used for driving on active hauling roads. Please check in at office for information on active roads. Call kilometers both “up” and “down” if travelling on active haul roads.  Logging trucks, lowbeds and other heavy vehicles always have the right-of-way – you are required to pull over in a safe location to let them pass.

Before heading out, please talk to an MKRF staff member for the latest updates on currently active areas and road closures. Please sign out a radio if needed.

Road Brushing is in operation. Please keep 9m away and do not pass without permission from the operator.

Grader is operating. Please drive slowly and do not pass without permission from the operator.

Drive with caution. Obey the speed limit (30 Km/H) and keep you headlights on as the roads are dusty.


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